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Technology Enabled, Human Driven

Kieno Kammies Innovations


KKI, through its shareholding and partnerships, and media assets, assists a variety of corporates, scale-ups, and start-ups - to accelerate innovation, scale their operations, and craft more effective storytelling to drive business growth.


KKI  has a shareholding in Innovation City Cape Town, South Africa's premier innovation collaboration space. KKI owns the storytelling platform Innovate Africa and will soon launch the US and SA-based Story Design Academy.


KKI works with corporates, scale-ups, and start-ups on interventions ranging from strategy development to innovation, storytelling, and culture development. Our team of experienced professionals are not theorists, but doers.


Kieno Kammies has spent 27 years hosting talk shows on entrepreneurship and business. Over time, he noticed that many technology professionals and business people often focused on the technical aspects of their products and services but neglected to address the emotional needs of their potential clients.

Kieno also noticed that many innovators worked in silos, protecting their intellectual property and striving for individual success rather than collaborating with others. He saw this as a missed opportunity to create more relevant and impactful innovations that could benefit society.

Determined to change this, Kieno partnered with Stephan Ekbergh, the founder of a successful travel tech business Travelstart to launch Innovation City Cape Town. It's a space where innovative multinationals, scale-ups, start-ups, funders and people with sought-after digital and arts-related skills collaborate.

In addition to Innovation City, Kieno partnered with Africa's premier super app, Ayoba, supported by MTN, to launch the Disruption Monitor (DM). DM is a storytelling platform focused on sharing the stories of innovative individuals and businesses making a real difference.

Through Innovation City and the Disruption Monitor, Kieno and his team can promote a new way of thinking about innovation by encouraging collaboration and addressing the emotional needs of their clients.


“The CEO of KKI, Kieno Kammies, possesses good operational abilities, soundness, and integrity. KKI Holdings, under his leadership, has good standing in the business and the broader community.”

Bonang Mohale

Chairman: Arcelor Mittal, Bidvest Group & SPV Services

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