We analyse

The Neighbourlink enterprise development team works very closely with big corporates to identify core and non core supply chain opportunities for SMMEs.

Clear key performance areas and indicators are developed to determine what supply chain readiness looks like.

We locate and train

Once a clear idea of what is required is formulated, the Neighbour-Link team together with our partner The Branson Center South Africa sets out to find potential suppliers.

Suitable entrepreneurs are taken through an intensive supplier development process. The process includes legal compliance readiness, financial literacy for small business owners, supply chain readiness, legal preparedness, business skills development, empathy development, design thinking skills and other key tools to help these businesses grow.

We deploy and monitor

The Neighbour-Link platform which is custom built by our development team for each supply chain is then activated. The platform allows big business managers to directly send out requests for services to the SMMEs who are on the same platform.

The platform allows service providers and the supply chain managers to rate each other, while key data about the delivery of service is captured live. This data is used improve both the SMME and the big business managers.